Tee It Up Tour

We currently offer two different Tee It Up Tour Leagues: Developmental and Tournament. Both leagues are $109 for seven weeks and a Youth on Course Membership is required to participate. Financial aid is NOT accepted. Participants are only allowed to register for one league.

Developmental League (Wednesdays)

How to Qualify for Developmental League:
  • Must have either participated in a Life Skills class prior to registering or must be 9-17 years old.
  • Must have a coach’s recommendation.
  • Must have some beginner experience out on the golf course to get the most out of this class!

This tour will remain at the same location for all seven weeks. As the weeks progress, participants will begin going on the golf course as their skills develop to learn course management.

Tournament League (Thursdays)

Qualifications for Tournament League

Our Tournament League is designed to help players prepare JGANC or AJGA golf tournaments and for players to become independent on the golf course. We ultimately want to make sure that all players are having fun during the competitive tournaments while showing honesty, respect, and having good sportsmanship.

Tournament League Tee Times

Tournament League Results

Tournament League Schedule TBD

  • Age Divisions:
    • Boys: 8 & under, 9-11, 12-14, 15-18
    • Girls: 8 & under, 9-11, 12-14, 15-18

Read Tee It Up Tournament League Qualifications Before Registering!

Tee it Up Tournament League Qualifications

Day of Tournament Arrival

  1. Upon arrival range balls and spectator carts can be purchased in the pro-shop: Depending on the course: range balls may be provided 
  2. Warmups may begin no earlier than 1 hour prior to tee times: SUPERVISION IS NOT PROVIDED FOR WARMUPS 
  3. Be at the number 1 tee box 10 minutes BEFORE your tee time, ready to tee off: Exchange score cards (keep your score on the top strip of your opponent’s score card above where it states their name) Declare your golf ball.
  4. Keep up with the group ahead of you: 15 minutes per hole (2.5 hour round ideally)
  5. After each hole confirm scores: Do not wait till the 9th hole to confirm each hole’s score
  6. A coach must be present during the duration of confirming scores and signatures at the end of the round 
  7. Turn in scorecard to a coach: Top perforated part is yours to keep (save strip in case of a scoring error or the published website).

Tournament League Point System

  • Within each age group, everyone will receive points for attending tournaments and placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place during the specific tournament. You will receive zero points if you do not attend.
  • 1st place receives 5 points, 2nd place receives 3 points, 3rd place receives 2 points, and everyone who is in attendance will get 1 point for showing up at the tournament. Points that participants receive can be tracked on our tournament results page.
  • The last two weeks of our seven-week tournament league will be worth double points for participating! 1st place receives 10 points, 2nd place receives 6 points, 3rd place receives 4 points, and everyone who is in attendance those tournaments will get 2 points for showing up at those specific tournaments.
  • On the final day, the participant with the greatest number of points after finishing their final round will be awarded. If for some reason there is a tie for first place in points, the participant that has the best score at the final tournament will be awarded first place within their age division!

Participation Rules

  • Players must arrive at on the first hole 10 minutes before tee time 
  • Players that are late will be disqualified for the current tournament
    • If there is confirmation of your absence for an upcoming tournament your tee time may not be guaranteed! 
  • 8 and Under groups may have a silent caddy 
  • Spectators must remain 25 yards from the participants in the rough or on the cart path. 
  • Spectators cannot give playing advice. 
  • Phones are NOT allowed to be out/used by participants during the round in tournament league
  • Water may be provided to participants. (Not to spectators)

Scoring Rules 

  • Double Par pickup
  • Stroke Play
  • After the 1st hole it is READY GOLF: 15 minutes per hole (2.5-hour rounds)
  • May not have more than 14 clubs in your golf bag
  • When hitting a provisional ANNOUNCE WHAT BALL IS BEING PLAYED: 3 minutes permitted when looking for a lost ball.
  • Water Hazards – 1 stroke
    • Yellow stakes or painted lines = drop relief (drop in line)
    • Red stakes = lateral relief (2 club lengths drop)
    • A ball in the water can be played as it lies from the water hazard without penalty 
    • Drop within one club length
  • Lost Ball – 1 stroke penalty: If the ball is not found within three minutes the player will go back and play from the last played shot
  • Out of Bounds – 1 stroke penalty
    • Ex. off the tee with OB hitting 3
    • Ex. after teeing off second shot goes OB, re-hit from the original shot was played (stroke and distance)
  • Grounding a Club or Removing a Grounded Impediment – 2 stroke penalty
  • Unplayable – 1 stroke penalty: Two club lengths, line of flight, stroke and distance. Played from the nearest point of relief with 1 club length 
  • Ground Under Repair – free relief (ball, stance, swing): Take nearest point of relief and 1 club length.

Please contact Program Coordinator, Caitlin Figura at [email protected], if there are any further questions about Tee It Up Tour Tournament League.

*Payment plans are offered.